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2010 G Power BMW X6 Typhoon RS

2010 G Power BMW X6 Typhoon RSPeople at G-Power revealed their latest creation, using the BMW X6 as the base model. This is both an aesthetic and performance kit. You can approve me that we talk about an aesthetic and a performance kit by viewing the title and the photos. BMW X6 Typhoon RS by G-Power will be available just in 5 copies at a price of 675.000 euro each.

Impressing by the style and size, the Silverstone RS 21-inch rims transform the German model into a “monster truck”. Silver body color was choosed by the German tuners, adding some style by the black hood, grille and roof. BMW X6 Typhoon RS benefits from 5.0-liter V10 engine, with a recalibrated ECU and two turbines.

The maximum torque available is 870 Nm, while the horsepower level almost reaches the 900 hp barrier, as you just found. 4.2 seconds are enough for this model to reach 100 km/h and the top speed reaches 330 km/h.