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2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid Mugen Modified

2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid Mugen Modified2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid Mugen Modified2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid Mugen Modified

Honda (UK) and MUGEN Euro accept appear the aboriginal official photographs of the CR-Z MUGEN - the higher-performance amalgam coupe.

Development of the supercharged Honda CR-Z is on track, with achievement abstracts already attractive promising.

Early tests with a ancestor car based on a accepted CR-Z and a mid-tune agent accept accustomed 0-60mph times about that of the Civic Type R.

After a added 15 per cent access in ability over this `stage 1` agent and with over 50kg bargain from the chassis, all-embracing achievement is set to accommodated MUGEN`s aboriginal targets.

"Early ammunition burning tests accept additionally been encouraging," says Colin Whittamore from MUGEN Euro. "We`ve retained the three active modes from the accepted car and abridgement ranges from 50+mpg in `eco` approach to mid-30 mpg back borer into the supercharged ability in a appropriate `MUGEN` mode."