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2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf

2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf Picture

Well, because if, despite the new top of the range Alfa Cloverleaffe has the smaller 4-cylinder in its segment, the 1.8-liter direct injection turbo see face to face with the Golf GTI and Renault for its generous hand to 232bhp Megane. With a name like Cloverleaffe however is a bit like Shakespeare jets to men who are more like the lyrics of 50 Cent. Fans of return (other than those familiar with Alfa's own equity) are much more accustomed to the simplicity of some numbers or letters to spell car's sporty appearance. Saying that a size of the construction of billboards with a picture of Cloverleaffe Giuletta that should stimulate your imagination a little.

Few people would argue that his rival Alfa is the best use of all the folds of the body flowing round the edges seductive. The symmetry angle, leaf-like complexity of the nose wheel and then give a directive against the most powerful seal of intention. We love the front bumper perfectly drawn, lineage traceable small triangular your grill and headlights that are more than Ferrari or Aston Martin for its price would suggest. The design language is poetry and in terms of elegance and class that is a compact sport in its own league.

When something is so good, however, that `s easy to question that is too good to be true? Well, here's the thing - the taste and feel the effects will probably cost more than once. When it comes to maintenance and sale in the future is ruined by the historical fame. Vauxhall said that not exactly go out smelling of roses in some customer satisfaction surveys recently and Audi are also expected to do better.

Finances aside for a second and is hard to fault the Giuletta Cloverleaffe on any matter of crucial property. We love the note of his escape, abundant torque midrange gear changes smooth and clear and firm, but co-operative brakes. It corners very clean mostly because the electronic management system of DNA is so adapted to catch any wobble or lean. According to their rivals but also provides a sporty despite bumps are well negotiated.

Turning to the practical, ergonomics and interior ambience, again, shows very well - the cabin is roomy enough to carry passengers comfortably and the boot quite realistic, the setting is also special Quadifoglio (although seats leather are a bit slippery and owes its physical cup a little better). The screenplay is inspired elegant but simple and tailgate handles be concealed on the body also adds to its sports appeal. If you really examine the craftsmanship that is expected to defect, but the overall impression is of pleasure.

For a long time Alfa enthusiast will be jumping and jumping all the way to the showroom, but golfers may want some pre-wedding before signing away their future income. The good news for Alpha is your price range, seems sophisticated and practical will give you some steps instead of Puritan hot hatch territory.