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2009 Vizualtech Design Volvo C30 Racer

2009 Vizualtech Design Volvo C30 Racer2009 Vizualtech Design Volvo C30 Racer

Swedish design firm, Vizualtech design, unleashed their conceptual engineering prowess of the newer, smaller addition to the line of Volvo, and the result is ... interesting. A Volvo C30 2009 at its core, Vizualtech Racer C30 has been equipped with a large rear spoiler, bulging side frames, a large rear diffuser and front spoiler heavy duty specifically designed to improve downforce.

Just a design firm and therefore do not have the resources to give life to a project as ambitious Vizualtech C30 racing game is nothing but a representation of a DTM or C30 Le Mans could be ready as if he ever made . Although undoubtedly an impressive walk, we hope that if the dream Vizualtech C30 Racer never realized, someone takes the initiative to change the C30 227-horsepower turbocharged engine with a 5 banger that could actually generate enough downforce to require the need for that massive front wing.