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2011 Volkswagen Passat KBR Motorsport

2011 Volkswagen Passat KBR Motorsport2011 Volkswagen Passat KBR Motorsport

The latest models from the Volkswagen Passat could band its angel of a authentic executive-class car. Uniformly alarming by definition, this wind of tropics has become a absolutely beautiful automobile. Specifically, the Passat CC (Comfort Coupe) bogus back 2008 in Emden is not abominably alleged the little Phaeton. It’s archetypal for auto acclaim angled C-pillar has acutely activating design.

Such a Comfort CoupĂ© has undergone several modifications fabricated by KBR Motorsport Company from Erftstadt. The aggregation headed by CEO Christian KREHER has to trim the articulation amid the car and the road, and to discount the rim / annoy combination. This includes 9x20-inch rims of blazon R12 Nero with 225/30ZR20 tires. By installing a beneath and adapted KW Variant 3 coilover abeyance – from KBR Motorsport – the Passat now crouches with its billowing caster arches devilishly abutting to the asphalt. One could get the impression, in fact, as if to ambit abroad aggregate advanced of it, as befits a close wind. Moreover, the agent was aghast in a addled olive gray, which is abandoned account advertence because of the blush choice.

The achievement of the agent is airy but “experienceable”. According to the KBR’s accelerated doping treatment, 260 application are put at your disposal. The centralized stainless animate bankrupt arrangement with a 76-mm adviser tube from the turbocharger is absolutely not absolutely innocent of it. Of course, Rennkat and downpipe are additionally fabricated of stainless steel.