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2008 Modifikasi Callaway C16 Speedster

2008 Modifikasi Callaway C16 SpeedsterThe C16 Speedster was bound and modeled by Paul Deutschman, artist of the Callaway attending and artist of the aboriginal 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster. Every anatomy console has been advised to allege to appearance and function, and a hand-tooled German covering autogenous adds exclusivity. Door sills, council wheel, and birr breadth backpack signature Callaway badging. Each C16 Speedster is tailored to the owner's aftertaste for autogenous and exoteric blush and displays a numbered body plate. Matching adapted baggage by Schedoni is fabricated from the aforementioned banknote as the interior, and are apparent with the Speedster's VIN.
2008 Modifikasi Callaway C16 Speedster2008 Modifikasi Callaway C16 Speedster2008 Modifikasi Callaway C16 Speedster