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MTM Volkswagen Golf VI GTi

MTM Volkswagen Golf VI GTiGerman tuners Motoren Technik Mayer is absolution a new advancement amalgamation for Volkswagen Golf GTI mk. VI owners. The new absolution is meant to attempt with the accessible Golf R by abacus power.

The MTM amalgamation includes an added air filter, and adapted ECU affability to addition the engine to 270 application and up to 390 Nm of torque. This boosts top acceleration to an electronically-limited 265 km/h. Sans limiter, the belief is that this car could bright 300 km/h.
MTM Volkswagen Golf VI GTiOther enhancements cover ablaze admixture MTM Bimoto auto with Continental XL Sportcont tires. The auto are matte black, which matches the few atramentous and aphotic blah pieces on the car. Eight-piston caliper brakes and 380 mm discs appear from Brembo.