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2011 DMC Ferrari 458 Milano

2011 DMC Ferrari 458 Milano

SEMA Motor Show attracts tuning companies across, extending even across the pond to Germany, considered home to some of the aftermarket companies more popular in the world.

An optimization company belonging to that list is DMC, which will travel all the way to Las Vegas to present his latest program for the Ferrari 458 Italia, called '458 Milano' which was built in collaboration with Al and Ed in Hollywood.

Full details of the car have not been revealed and the photos of the car were actually taken during official photo shoot in Los Angeles - and then published on his Facebook page - before heading to the desert.

According to DMC, 458 Milano program includes a large carbon fiber body kit and added elements such as front fenders, side mirrors and rear diffuser. Talking about the body kit carbon fiber, DMC was informed that the bits of carbon in their pro