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2011 Vorsteiner Tuning Ferrari 599-VX

2011 Vorsteiner Tuning Ferrari 599-VX2011 Vorsteiner Tuning Ferrari 599-VX

German tuning company, Vorsteiner has earned a reputation for being one of the most important tuners Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW. However, in that list, and many other brands that have worked, there is a conspicuous absence of Italian cars.

For the first time in the illustrious history of the company Vorsteiner is working on a supercar Italy, one called the Ferrari 599. The flirtation between the first German tuning company and the Italian manufacturer has become a shining example of what the first is perfectly capable of with just about any vehicle that is customized.

The final product is called 599-VX, which draws elements from the 599 GTB Fiorano and combines it with features derived from the 599 GTO and 599 XX. The extent of details surrounding this program will be released in a week, but it is worth noting that the package includes, among other things, a new front end, hood, side skirts, rear deck lid, rear entrance, and a rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. This body kit of eight pieces are made of carbon fiber, while a new set of lightweight wheels forged aircraft-grade aluminum, add a touch further the profile of the 599-VX.