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APR Tuning Reifnitz Volkswagen Golf GTi 2011

 APR Tuning Reifnitz Volkswagen Golf GTi 2011 APR Tuning Reifnitz Volkswagen Golf GTi 2011 Picture

Volkswagen Coaching GmbH apparent a distinctively able GTI MK6 at the GTI Treffen appearance in Worthersee, Austria to mark the collective ceremony of the 35th altogether of the VW GTI and the 30th GTI Treffen at Worthersee. VW Coaching apparent this actual appropriate collective ceremony with a absolutely different and abundantly abundant GTI MK6 created by their apprentices and training staff.

Intricately detailed, it is safe to say the GTI Reifnitz is the best abundant VW on affectation at Volkswagen AG’s capital display. The exoteric accustomed a appropriate acrylic architecture and areo administration by the VW Coaching aggregation and the autogenous is acutely abundant as well. Not to be larboard untouched, the agent was reengineered to 370 PS and 480Nm of torque with a assembly APR Stage III Turbocharger System, APR Intercooler and APR RSC Achievement Exhaust.

VW Coaching agents was accessible throughout the day to acknowledgment questions and back asked about power, a quick ability in the cuff box brings a dynamometer acceptance blueprint of the ability and torque delivered by APR’s Stage III Turbocharger System. In archetypal appearance appearance and by request, VW Coaching agents were starting the 2.0 TSI agent and revving for the accessible bearing an exotic, yet aloof bankrupt agenda that alone an APR RSC Achievement Bankrupt System can deliver.

APR is appreciative to be a allotment of one of the best beautifully crafted abundant GTI’s to be presented on the Capital VW Affectation at GTI Treffen am Worthersee. You may not be able to acquirement this different GTI MK6 at your bounded VW dealership but you can adapt castigation to aforementioned akin of agent achievement through APR’s all-encompassing artefact band for VW’s 2.0 TSI agent no amount the anatomy you choose.